“Our Core Values are rooted in current reality, but also represent what we aspire to be. We as an
organization have the following values”




  • We do not wait for orders / instructions but take actions proactively.

Human Values:

  • We respect every individual. People are our greatest asset.
  • We respect the unique needs of every individual (Customers / Employees/ Suppliers).
  • We are sensitive to their needs in all interactions with them.


  • We co-operate and collaborate with our colleagues and not compete with them.
  • We keep the organization’s requirement and needs above our personal needs and requirements.


  • We deliver what we commit.
  • There is Honesty, Fairness, Reliability and Uprightness in everything that we do.
  • We govern individual and company relationships with the highest standard of conduct and integrity.

Innovative Solutions:

  • We consistently offer novel and superior solutions to satisfy the needs of our Customers.
  • We achieve and maintain a position of leadership in each of the business areas that we are in.

Value for money:

  • We deliver higher Value to the Customer through continuous improvement in quality, cost and speed.
  • We serve our internal and external customers through Defect free products, services and processes.

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