BMIT is looking for Candidates with strong technical foundation and good hands-on experience along with energetic, proactive and a hobbyist personality. BMIT is always looking forward to enhance its current team and you can engage with BMIT in one of the following ways


    • Internships: 2-months and 6-months

Summer internships typically last 8-10 consecutive weeks from May/June to July/August on a full-time basis. These are offered to Third Year Students from IIT’s, to fulfill their course requirements after Third year.

    • Project Training: 1-year for post graduate students.

These are offered to Under Graduates; who have a compulsory 6-month internship as a part of their curriculum.

    • Project Trainees: Duration 1-Year

Are students who are doing their Masters and have a full year project in the second year. Typically students doing specializing in VLSI or Embedded systems apply to these slots. Is classified as a post graduate student who is doing a full time 1-year project with us. Students selected for this program work on live projects and the project assignment is pertinent to the student’s field of study. Working on a live projects gives these students precious hands on experience which they find useful during their careers.

  • Permanent Employment

How do you apply? Please submit your resume to

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