Embedded Design

embedded design

We, at the Embedded Design group in Bit Mapper believe in designing differently. We believe in challenging the status quo by implementing robust, reliable, secure and flexible Embedded Designs. Our systems are simple to use, ruggedly designed and user friendly.

We specialize in application specific Hardware / Software designs using cutting edge technology. Our expertise lies in developing Single Board Computers using a wide range of single and multicore microprocessors, DSPs and microcontrollers some of which are:


• SOCs from Xilinx(Zynq family) and Altera. • ATMEL 8051 microcontrollers.
• OMAP and Da-Vinci processors from TI. • MSP430 Low Power controllers from TI.
• I.MX series ARM Microprocessors from Freescale. • P1022 Power PC Microprocessors from Freescale
• Blackfin and TigerSHARC DSP’s from Analog

Our designs have numerous notable features which allow our customers not only achieve their goals with ease but also explore new paradigms of embedded systems. Some of these features are:

  • Secure Boot and High Assurance Boot.(i.MX6Q Processors)
  • Remote Accessibility and Configurations.
  • Multiprocessing using SMP, AMP.
  • Networking features like File transfer using FTP, TFTP and Remote login via TELNET and SSH.
  • On-board communication using high speed protocols viz.
    1. SRIO.
    2. PCIe.
    3. Ethernet.
  • Booting from Multiple devices – SD-CARD, eMMC NAND, WEIM NOR, SPI, TFTP.

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